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Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege

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I've been super into this game for the past few months, so we started compiling our kills.  The game is a basic 5 vs 5 format, no respawns until the next round.   5 defend an objective and 5 attack the objective.  Could be secure area, rescue hostage, or disarm bombs.  The maps are smallish, so it requires you to be patient and yes there is some camping involved.  With 5 good teammates though, this game is fun as hell.









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1 hour ago, RideTech_Ryan said:

That is definitely a fun game.  Ive been stuck on the Division as of late


Ahhh the division.  i have a crap ton of hours into it.  I pre-ordered and played almost a year solid.  i picked it back up about a month ago but no friends are playin anymore hah.   Do you play it on PS4 or XB1?

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2 hours ago, Blackmage said:

lol wow dude.  thats pretty insane

Lol, thanks. I always take a screenshot when I have a really good game. I'd have to reinstall the game but hit me up if you wanna play. And I'm always down to play Halo MCC or cod4 remastered.

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I dont play this nearly as much as I should. All the dudes I roll with change games monthly and its le sad. I hardly every play a game that isnt brand new and seeing this thread makes me miss this game.

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