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Everyone please welcome DPinTX to SN95Source.com.

DPinTX Please tell us about yourself and your car(s) and feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you for being part of the Source community!

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Thanks for such a great place, I have a 1994 Black Cobra, I purchased it new from the show room floor. I was my daily driver till about 1998 and then it was a second car that I drove till about 2002 then it kinda of sat in the my drive way and I drive it on and off till 2007 that's when I only started it and drove it around the block one a month, then in 2009 the fuel pump died and well it just sat in the drive way, year after year, then about 2 weeks ago ( 4/12/17) My friend offered up a place that had a lift where we could work on the car and see if I could bring it back to life. The car only had 52200 miles and for sitting for so long still had a place in my heart. We rented a uhaul car trailer, the the two wheeled one but the full leanth, the tires, even though they looked like new tread maybe had less than 5k miles on them had saverly cracked all around the outside edges. ( I later found the receipt from Discount Tire they were installed 8/25/2000) we aired up the tires and rolled it on the car carrier, well winched it up, not before I rolled it down the drive way and relized the barges were shot and came with in 6" of rolling thought my neighbors fence.  So we got it up on the lift. Took off the wheels and put them In the truck to get new tires installed, and in my bold thinking I just pick up a new fuel pump. We came with the tires and new fuel pump, well that was wrong. We dropped the gas tank and the fuel that was in there has turned to shomethig that looked like turpentine and smelled worse. That's when I relized, we gonna new a bigger parts list.  I put together a list and went on to the the next time of business doing an oil change and filter, that seemed to go pretty good, I had used synthetic oil so I look ok coming out did not see any green fluid or water, installed a new filter and 5 qts of oil and on to the brakes or what I called the disks of rust. The first thing was to bleed the brake system so we started in the back and worked our way around the car, I'm glad we did that because it looked like someone replaced my brake fluid with chocolate milk, few quarts of DOT 4 later my then I removed the front rotors. Took them home and let them sit in a bath of vinegar for two days, the rotors were slotted and new when I stopped driving the car, after the two,days the rust was gone and I painted then and good as new. By now the parts for the fuel system came in, So New fuel tank, new fuel pump, new sending unit, new filler next gasket, new vapor gasket and new fuel filter later, we reinstalled the new parts. The next step was to try and start the car, well the battery had been sitting in the car since 2008 disconnected ( Optima red ) I hooked it up and it actually still had some power best battery every. Well got in turned the key the engine turned over but no luck on the fire. No fuel presssure, stared to look around, I came to the conclusion that the CCRM (constant control relay module ) had gone bad, off to the parts store to order that, so while that was on its way in ( ya had to wait a day, don't know why they don't have parts for a 1994 car just sitting there ready to go) I decided to replace the wiper blades that melted flat to the windshield. I peeled them off and clean off the dirt and leave installed the new blades, that was the simplest thing so far. Next day came back with new CCRM insalled and was ready to try again. Turned the key nope car turned over and no start but did hear something and smelled gas. So looked under the car found the 6" short flex line form the fuel filter to the hard line was leaking, off to the parts store, also picked up some starting fuid to see if we were getting a spark and just no fuel, so we fixed that the fuel line and tried again this time we sprayed stating fluid while turning the car over, it was staring fire just on the spray and after the about a 45-60 seconds of no stop craning the fuel in the line had new fuel and the car fired up it sounded a bit rough but after sitting for 8 year sounded great. So now to test all the lights and get it ready for state inspection. We take it off the lift and start to back it out and the car dies, turns over but will not start, I start checking everything all over and found the CCRM 20Amp fuse I the engine bay blew, that fuse is big like 1"X1" big so I look around the engine and found the first injector had no wires   Coming out of it and the two wires where about two inches away mouse had chew them and a few others, I used some electric tape and taped the two wires so they would not short out on the intake and went to buy a new fuse, installed,the fuse and fired up the new 7 cylinder car, drove it around the parking lot to test the clutch and brakes, it rolled and stopped so, I was happpy. Now off to get it inspected. it passed the safety inspection so I can get it registered and back to my driveway where I will finish fixing the items that need attention. 


Long story but not the end, I found this website while looking for rare and  unique parts. I will be adding a few things of the next week and look,forward to getting my car back to the great car it once was. 


I will add a few pictures later today. 


Thanks again for the add and look forward to getting back in to my car. 









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