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Steadily plugging away... Found out my used wideband doesn't work :( Looks like it'll have to wait some more. I'm going to tie up the loose ends after work each night and try like HELL to run it this week.

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What's left:


1) solder/heat shrink new IAT connection


2) MAS 


3) install drop mounts


4) leak test fuel system 


5) load tune and idle




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I just bought one of those little hand held jump box things for work.  Let me tell ya, they are worth the money, and all said and done in it's packaging, it's about the size of a bible.

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1 hour ago, Number Tew said:

You don't know what any of those squiggly lines means.


Of course I do, it means the bitch is running!




@D3vst8r96gt yeah man, it's a beast lol


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Still working the kinks out... Found a few vacuum leaks and that sorted the idle out... My LC-1 wasnt responding and I replaced it. The new one also isn't responding so I must have a bad ground. I borrowed my friends LM-1 to tune with.


Screw it, I'm gonna barbecue some shrimp lobsters with @b.mad 






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Installed the mounts, had to wait for a furious thunderstorm to pass and got back to road tuning until the belt shredded :-\









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11 hours ago, RassCar said:

What killed the belt? Pulley alignment?


Possibly.. I just parked it and left it alone for the weekend at that point.

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On 6/18/2017 at 7:49 PM, RassCar said:

What killed the belt? Pulley alignment?


 The franktensioner didn’t have enough travel because I skipped a step when I assembled it. This led to the belt being way too tight and it basically pulled the blower pulley off the hub!!! Department of Boost sent me a new pulley but it didn’t fit the hub due to a batch of bad machine work. SO, they sent a new pulley/hub combo and it’s been great ever since. 

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My wife drove the car to the store about a mile from the house without issue. Started and ran just fine, as usual. Hopped back in it to leave, gave the key a twist and nothing! WTF... The dash didn't light up and there is no key-in-the-ignition chiming. If you turn the key to the ACC position, the radio comes on but when you switch to the ON position, the radio turns off BUT a relay clicks around the SJB. The starter doesn't crank at all. Had the car towed home and won't have a chance to crawl under it until friday [7-27-18] 

List of items checked and observations


  1. Read 12.5VDC @ the battery.
  2. Attempted to jump start but to no avail.
  3. Disconnected battery for 10 minutes to clear computer but no changes.
  4. All fuses in both panels passed a continuity test with a VOM.
  5. Key fob lock/unlock/panic/trunk release function properly.
  6. Horn, power seat works.
  7. All connectors seem to be properly seated.
  8. Pulled starter & PCM relays and inspected terminals; check ok with VOM.
  9. No apparent damage to wiring/connector at ignition switch.
  10. Neutral safety switch seemingly operates but likely not associated with this issue


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Took someone’s suggestion off of the S197forum Facebook group:

Basically just do this:

Step 1.Turn key to on position
Step 2. Leave key on for 10 minutes
Step 3. Pull key out lock and unlock 
If it doesn't work retry step 3

Wouldn’t you know the son of a bitch came to life at about the 8 minute mark! I’m going to have replacement keys made anyway. 

Damn Mustangs....

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Changed the plugs yesterday and realized my suspicionS were correct. The damn plugs plugs were gapped way too wide for a blower car. Installed a fresh set gapped to .030” and WOW! It pulls like a little freight train now.

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Recently swapped a failing OEM alternator out for a powder coated Denso unit. Put the car back on the road and looks good doing it's job.






I didn’t take any pictures of the R&R process but it went like this:


1) Remove belt


2) Remove center idler


3) Realize you don’t have a 5mm Allen socket so you have to run to Vatozone


4) Remove alternator/idler bracket


5) Remove the old alternator and install the new one


6) Reverse process


7) Suspect a belt/pulley misalignment


8. Freak out


9) Put it together anyway


10) Realize the belt alignment is perfect


11) Realize the stud is larger and drill out the lug.


12) Finish, start it up and then realize it’s about to run the fuck out of gas





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