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Project Say Shhh...!

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Here it is, my 2013 MCA Cyclone V6. She is #183 of 683 convertibles and #19 of 86 in performance white! So, yeah, my baby is special (almost as much as me!) :P 

The name stems from wanting to be a subtle car that has the capacity to hurt some feelings, but still maintain daily drivability and reliability.

All the upgrades as of 6/16/2017:

  • Steeda Cold Air Intake
  • BBK Ceramic Coated Shorty Headers
  • BBK Catted X Pipe with GT Resonators
  • Magnaflow Mufflers
  • BBK 73MM Throttle Body
  • Ported Upper and Lower Intakes (Super Six Motorsports)
  • Custom 93 VMP Tune
  • SVE Progressive Rate Lowering Springs
  • J&M Adjustable Panhard Bar
  • Steed Lower Control Arms
  • Koni STR. T Rear Shocks
  • Ford Racing 3.73 Gears
  • Boss Front Sway Bar
  • BMR Radiator Support
  • Ford Performance 8.8" Aluminum Rear Differential Cover
  • 1 Piece Aluminum Drive Shaft
  • MMR Water Pump Pulley
  • CDC Convertible Light Bar
  • Mustang Hood Struts
  • Painted Calipers
  • Painted Grille
  • Custom Performance White JLT Radiator Cover
  • GT/CS Wheels
  • SHR Fuse Box Cover
  • Full Length Super Snake Stripes
  • Street Scene Gen. 3 Chin Spoiler
  • Billet Aluminum Wheel Spaces (1.5 in)
  • Modern Billet Chrome Underhood Dress-up
  • SVE Short Antenna
  • Raxiom Taillight Sequencers
  • Billet Aluminum Door Handles,  Locks + Buttons, Defrost Vents, Chrome Console Button Bezel
  • Custom Blue Marble Hydrodip
  • Light Up Pony Cup Holder Accents
  • RTR Decklid


I'm probably forgetting something...All of this was done by the boyfriend, me and a couple of his friends over the years...

Still to come:

Painted GT/CS Wing

More Power!

Sooooo, I ended up getting into all these Mustang shenanigans because some asshole did this in July of 2013. My baby was so innocent until then.


I met @Number Tew about two weeks after this. I'm still not convinced he didn't do it...












This is her in her original form well after my wheels were replaced (thanks insurance!):






This has absolutely nothing to do with my build but I love posting these...

@Number Tew violated my car before helping mod it...you're welcome




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So much focus because he knows if he messes up I'll hurt him


he got lucky



Front Sway bar:
Making sure there was a difference in the front sway bars



I unbolted all this garbage, that was a nightmare








This adds extra HP, right!?

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Still waiting on paint for my GT/CS wing, 4 months and counting now...


Current license plate...I like to think I'm both funny and an asshole


This happened at one point


Ported Upper and Lowers:
Old on top, new on bottom




I think this started with the ported intakes and ended with trying to fix my exhaust leak and a few other things


After everything done, you'd never know and she looks sexy as hell :P


A little video/audio clip (don't make fun!):


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7 hours ago, Dkblue98gt said:

Sweet car! I love a white Mustang and really like the hydro-dipped parts.




When I bought it I was upset it was white lol I really wanted Deep Impact Blue but no one in the whole state of Florida had one with the options I wanted and I didn't feel like waiting 6 weeks for one to be custom ordered.

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Great looking car, I bet that was stressful to say the least when the hole was being cut in the trunk lol. The new wheels really set the car off, they contrast the white much better.

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On ‎6‎/‎19‎/‎2017 at 6:31 AM, 95riosnake said:

Great looking car, I bet that was stressful to say the least when the hole was being cut in the trunk lol. The new wheels really set the car off, they contrast the white much better.


Worst part is, I go out and buy about $70 worth of hole saw and arbor, and still ended having to cut the hole out with a whiz wheel because they said to use the wrong size!  All that extra spent to make an easier cleaner hole and still had to do the cave man method lol!


We got a steal on the wheels, they popped up on Craigslist and I snagged them up immediately.  That was an interesting night in and of itself.  The ATM swallowed my bank card and wouldn't give it back lol!

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Thanks! :)


Now I'm battling my door filling with water (found the gap in the window finally) and my trunk seems to be getting some in it too! Hoping to fix these issues this weekend.


Can someone besides me get on @Number Tew so he can get my GT/CS wing back from paint so we can install it and get the backup camera remounted where the license plate is.

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3 hours ago, ttocs said:

you doors are not meant to be water proof.  If they are retaining  water see what is blocking the small drain holes at the bottom some leafs/debris probably is blocking it.

yes this!


The pollen gunks up and tree sap etc can clog up. Many good cars have rusted prematurely from this. 

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