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Npi pi cam specs duration lift

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Figured id post some of my ramblings!


Here is a small peak into the factory modular cam world. What most of us always thought were 2 types of modular cams, npi & pi, has turned out to not be the case.


Pi cams both passenger side





at .006 valve lift


at .050 lift



Max lift surprisingly .480" 

I always told the pi cams had .050" more lift....oh well

Lobe seperation angle 116°

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Npi cams

Both cams are driver side


F65E-6250-AA(tool marking curpted any legibility. This cam did come out of a 99 crown vic) *corrected*




at .006 lift


at .050



Lobe separation angle is 113°


F65E(99 vic)


at .006


at .050



Max lift .450 both cams

Lobe seperation 116° F6 (99vic)

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Check this out!

I just mapped a cam I pulled out of a npi 5.4l head.....pretty interesting!


Passenger side cam



.475" / .460" max lift

Intake / exhaust

.006" lift

272° / 266° 

.050" lift

224° / 210°


114° lsa (lobe seperation angle)


This cam is about as close to a compcam stage 1 as youll get. The compcam has 20° more exhaust duration at .050" and lift values are .550" both lobes.


Compared to a pi cam this npi 5.4l cam offers alot more! These cams are dime a dozen at junkyards. Probably pick up for less than $50.

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Mustsng pi cam


XL3E-6C255-BB (could be B8 or 8B. Light stamping)


Intake / Exhaust

.006" lift

244° / 260°

.050" lift

220° / 210°


.495" / .540" max lift


LSA 113°


Check it out! The exhaust has more lift! Explains why pi cams are a good upgrade to npi heads. Stock npi head exhaust flow is pitiful, coupled with npi cam, even more pitiful. Throw in the mix fast bleed lasher....even worse!

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So its settled! There are more factory cam offerings than we initially thought. Instead of a guess that 2 makes of cams were all that was available, npi and pi, Ford actually helped us out and blessed us diehards with a selection. Thank you Ford!


Now, im still curious if matching cam part #'s are ground equally.

The 2 seperate #'s at the thread beginning were in fact ground the same, but to show consistency, 2 of the same is needed.


Also, with all the cams I have, im uncertain if any were a match from the same engine. Luckily I just aquired an exploder 4.6l and will be pulling both cams for measuring!

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