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Diamond Dave

New member, new old car

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After a several year hiatus from messing around with cars, I have a new project that I bought over 2 years ago but am just now really getting to work on. It's a '94 GT (white on red cloth, it's uncommon if nothing else) from central Florida that I got for a price that was too low to pass up. The car is straight, has decent paint and absolutely no rust, and working AC. It has good compression on all cylinders and good oil pressure, but it definitely needs some work. The car is completely stock, right down to the air cleaner.

This is actually my second Mustang-I had an '89 GT about 10 years ago-but I've always had a soft spot for SN95s. I'm more of a GM guy (and happen to work there, too) but I hope you all won't hold that against me.wink.png

Anyways, I look forward to talking cars with you all and hopefully learning something in the process.



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