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Alright.  The Llama.  Where to even begin.  I have a fairly large build thread at another site.  If I'm being honest, the thought of replicating that here is daunting.  However, on the plus side, I have the opportunity to rethink how I want to lay out this thread.


I use a lot of words.  I'll try to curb that in this thread.  It will be mostly images, some words, and links to other threads that detail things I have done to the car.


On to the Project


I got the car several years ago from some kid.  It's a 95 Mustang GT - might have been a GTS due to seats in it and stuff (though it does have power locks and windows which were options).  Honestly, I don't care if it was a GT, GTS, whatever.  It was a POS.  Today, the car is still a POS.  But I've learned a lot.  The reason I bought the car was to use it on road racing courses.  That's still the goal today, though it has to be working reliably for that to happen.  It's getting there.


When I first got it:







As for now...well.  The car is on jack stands in the garage.  LOTS of things happening to it.  On the outside, it looks mostly the same still - not super current pics but still pretty recent:









The inside of the car is where the most noticeable changes have taken place.  Before:











...And now:













So What Have I Done


Easier to say what haven't I done - and that is engine work.  The engine is completely stock (aftermarket exhaust and CAI though).  Last time I dyno'd the car, it was about 185 WHP.  As part of the work now, I'm doing *a little* work to the engine, but not too much.  Soon-ish, I will do HCI.  For now, I've focused on pretty much everything else, especially the suspension and handling.


I've also re-wired quite a bit of the car, including the instrument cluster and the way the door locks and windows work.  As I work through things, I will create threads on them, and reference them here in the build.


Anyway, more updates to come soon.  Thanks for looking ;)



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On 6/26/2017 at 3:24 PM, LWARRIOR1016 said:

Hello Das Llama! Glad to see you around over here, now quit acting like you havent done phenomenal things with this car and start making more posts.





Alright, got something done tonight, one of the several on-going projects.  Longtubes Yaaaaaaay!  After having the BBK's sit around in my garage for literally a couple years, I finally got around to installing them.  


I did a How To write up here.  


And a couple quick pics:





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17 minutes ago, Prokiller said:

what all do you have going on in the clock pod?


Since I replaced the stock instrument cluster with the Auto Meter gauges, I lost all the idiot lights.  So I moved them to the clock pod, along with an oil temp gauge.  The ABS, ebrake, MIL, alternator, coolant level, etc. lights are all there, most as 3mm LEDs, a couple as larger color bulbs (the large round colored ones).  The airbag light is there just so it won't chime as I didn't remove the actual module yet (though both air bags are gone).



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24 minutes ago, White95 said:

^ I still have the wiring diagrams your drew for the whole setup and I will do this some day.



Awesome, I hope they are helpful :)  I'll have to create another How To over here for it ;)

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Alright, got some more work done tonight.  Steering wheel Quick Release-ie Goodness!!!  I decided to install a Quick Release.  Which wasn't as straightforward as I would have liked.  None the less, it got done.  


Write up here.


Here's some pics of what it looks like now:









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