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96 to 98 third brake light mod

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i had people ask me about this on another forum so i figured id share it here too


Ok so ive been having a few people ask me how to do this I figured was a pretty known thing I guess not. but basically what this is is to get you  inner lights to light up with your brake lights. It doesn't cost anything and it's very easy. Not much gain to it besides you brake lights are brighter I guess

Going from this with brakes on


To this


OK so first thing your gonna do it go to the bone yard and cut you off one of these (you don't need the socket or the bulb or any thing


Then what your gonna do is take that out the rubber thing and with a pair of needle nose grab down at the bottom of the plug and pull the wire and terminal out so you will have this


After that take you light out and go to the right most inner light and pull the rubber thing out of that one and there will be a open slot in there


Plug your wire in there with some needle nose and put the rubber thing back on then basically gonna just tap into the colorful wire in the other plug next to it


So the one all the way to the left that says major just tap into the light next to it and you will have this


Put it all together and repeat for the other side and now all three it your lights will light up with the brakes and blinkers

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