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99 and up new edge bumper cover on 94-98

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Can this be done. I have a ton of people parting those out around me, but very few 94-98's. That's really all I need to get this thing back drivable. I have taken off the lambo door kit ( some like it, but I'm 40 amd not my cup of tea) and adjusted the doors and fenders as close as I can get. It had some body kit on it from the 90's ( not my cup of tea either) and just wanting to put it back to as stock as possible. Any input? Thanks guys and gals.

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It will take a lot of body work to get everything to look right and fit correctly. I have seen some 94-98's over the years that had 99+ front clips (headlights, bumper cover, etc.) but the fenders were usually a new edge front portion grafted onto 94-98 fenders.


If you're asking if the new edge bumper will swap in place of the 94-98, then no.


Here are a couple that I've seen:













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Quite ironic to see this topic posted because I've got a story kind of related to the subject at hand - yesterday while driving into work I saw a black 99-04 car that had 94-98 front fenders, hood and bumper on it.  Definitely something I've never, ever seen before, be it in person or online.  Hugely strange looking.  I had to do a triple take before I was sure of what I was looking at.  Whoever did it didn't make any attempt to make things flow together.  It looked like the vehicle was in an accident and they chucked it back together mega cheap with some wrong year, roached up front end.  Unfortunately the light turned before I could get a photo of it.

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