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2016 Premium Performance Pack GT

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Well I haven't posted any updates on the car in awhile so I guess I'll use this thread for that.  I know it's not an SN95 anymore but my mom says it's still cool so :P


Yesterday we installed Pedders Coilovers on it and we'll be replacing the sway bars and doing some other things to it in the near future.


Here is a before and after of front wheel.



A shot in the studio after they finished the install



Last shot of me and Bill's 2015 on RideTech Coilovers.


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Just now, Prokiller said:

yup that's a good stance.  hows the handling difference?

Yeah we ended up with a 2.5 inch drop in the front and a 2 inch drop in the back.  Love the slight rake look.  As far as handling.  I'm really happy with it.  Not really stiff or too soft and no excessive bouncing like you get with some setups.  I have tested a few minor bumps in the road and it feels real good. Still need an alignment but I'll get that done next week.  I want to do wheels because 20's will fill it out better but with the house and all....... yeah spacers will have to do with stock wheels till I can get back to a comfort level money wise.    

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Took the car to my boy house for a panty dropping detail job.  Car looks great now. Still some minor things we need to touch up on but with it being crunch week before Detroit they are issues we'll have to address later.





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