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Installing Front Window Motors

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Spent yesterday off and on looking at this and trying some different things. First I thought I would have to take the full regulator out to get the motor out as well, but that is not the case. I should have taken pictures, but got frustrated and didn't think about it. I can at least lay out the steps to removing the motor WITHOUT removing the regulator. 




  1. Remove door panel (nothing special here)
  2. Unplug window motor
  3. Remove the 3 gold bolts holding the window motor to the regulator
  4. You can access the motor through the speaker hole or the larger hole where it's obvious hardware goes in and out.
    1. I found it easer to go through the larger hole
    2. Make sure the window is at least 2/3's up. A 2nd pair of hands comes in super handy to hold the window
    3. Snake your arm in and remove motor
  5. Install new motor
    1. Honestly this was the hardest part of it all. It takes a little bet to maneuver the new motor to get it in place, but you will get it.
  6. Test 
  7. Reverse all the steps and you are good to go. 



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was it bad as in not working at all?  or was it clicking at top and bottom of window travel?  could have just been the bushings turned into garlic.  it's super common on 94-95s.

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yeah...that wasn't the motor itself it was just the bushings.  they are about $5 at any auto parts store.


the pictures are all broken since photo-suckit went paywall, but here's the instructions for replacing them.




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Thankfully this was an extra motor I had laying around. When I redid my quarter windows a few years ago (before I knew about the bushings), the company messed up and I got an extra one out of the deal. 

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