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DIY: How to Make an Air Dam for Your 1994-1998 Cobra Bumper!

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Full link here: https://maddmotorsportsdesign.blog/2017/09/26/making-an-air-dam-for-the-sn95-mustangs/

If you want to run a splitter, you absolutely need an air dam. There are several options out there to use. You can use the Mach 1 chin spoiler, Boss Shinoda Chin Spoiler, ABC Exclusive air dam, or if you want it to look like The Project, you can order one from me, or you can make your own. How easy it is? Pretty damn easy. The only problem with making your own is you will need to drill holes into your bumper. However, if you are feeling adventurous and creative, you can easily tackle it yourself in a weekend.

20170805_135855Oct-30-2016-Speed Ventures - Blue - Turn 4 Tight - AC2_8719_Oct3016_by_CaliPhotoIMG_0436

I've used several different materials, and the easiest to work with was HDPE (High-density polyethylene). It is cheap, it is easy to work with, and FLEXIBLE! Which is really important because of the shapes of the bumpers. You can get a roll of the HDPE in the form of "Race Roll Plastic". It is usually 25-45 bucks a roll.


Because it is rolled, you will need to support both sides so it doesn't roll back into itself. Once you figure out how you are going to do that, take the roll outside into the sun and extend it out. This will heat the the plastic and stop it from rolling back. Leave it out there for whatever time, just enough to heat it up. You can even work on it outside. Because the sheet comes in a 22"x 10' roll, you will need to cut it. You can cut it with a box cutter knife or some sheet metal cutters like I did. This is the easy part because I am letting you in on a secret, you will only need about 6"-8" (or 10" if you want to look really low) of the roll. Mark it and cut it and put the risk away. Next you will need to measure the length needed. To keep things simple and clean, I used the "cut" on the side of the bumper as a reference part. This part:


So once you measure the length and figure out how low you want it, you cut it. So that it fits what you like. Make sure you cut out for the fog light and make sure you measure! If you have a cobra, you can use a 3"-3.5" hack saw to make the holes. If you have it, start drilling!


Make sure you secure the air dam! At least bolt (or use rivets) in these locations:


Also, if you want to take a moment and paint the hardware so that it does not contrast with the plastic that is used (unless you want it to). I also recommend that you have more than 6 secure points, because 6 is NOT doing to do a good job.

Tada, you have yourself an air dam, now you can move on to the splitter. Please click here for information on how to make a splitter.

Disclaimer: Madd Motorsports is not responsible for any injuries, any damage whatsoever, or for incorrect installation. This is a guide meant to help, it is in no way guaranteed.

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