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How To: Change the Cowl Panel

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Full link: https://maddmotorsportsdesign.blog/2017/10/16/carbon-driven-cowl-panel-change/

This post, we will be swapping out the original cowl panel, and exchange it for the Carbon Driven carbon fiber cowl panel. However, the same can be applied for any cowl panel exchange.


  • 10MM socket
  • 8MM socket or wrench
  • Flat head screw driver
  • Blade
  1. When installing the cowl panel, I decided to take off the hood to make things easier, and because my cowl prevented me from taking off a wiper arm. However, that is not needed. You can still work on it with the hood on. To remove the hood, you will use a 10MM socket to remove the 4 nuts (2 on each side) of the hinge. You can pull off the hood.20161202_181248
  2. You will need to remove the wiper arms. To remove the wiper arms, you will need to pull the locking pin, and the arms slide up. REMEMBER TO PAY ATTENTION TO HOW THE ARMS ARE MOUNTED! They will slide back into place at any orientation, so remember how they were. Also you will need to remove the weather stripping (AKA Firewall to hood seal), it will just slide out. There are 3 push pins located at the "front" of the panel that will need to be removed. After that, you can just rip it out. Once it is off, you will need to remove the washer nozzle hose and the nozzles so that you can reuse them. When it is removed, flip it upside down and remove the push pins, there is a total of 6. You can also use this time to vacuum everything that accumulated under the panel.20161202_181959                            Carbon fiber vs plastic.20161202_182918
  3. If you purchased a cowl panel with the cowl to windshield rubber, you can skip this step. But if you did not, you will need to remove the OEM rubber. When removing the rubber, keep in mind that the rubber is 13-23 years old. It is brittle and it will tear easily. Since my OEM panel was broken, I just broke it into pieces and removed the rubber that way. If you want to save it, I recommend that you use a blade to start it, and slowly rip it off. Once you get it off, put some think double sided tape (or good glue) on the cowl panel you are installing.20161202_184926
  4. Once you are done, install the rubber, nozzle hose and nozzles, and the 6 push pins that you were removed from the bottom side of the OEM panel.
  5. If you are replacing with a carbon fiber piece, please be aware that it is extremely stiff and does not bend easily. If you try to bend it, it will snap. You will need to loosen the exterior A-Pillar trim a bit so that you can wiggle it in. To loosen up the trim, you will need to open your door, look where the hinges are and located the trim fender bolt. I believe it is a 8MM bolt. You can try to fit a socket, however, a wrench was easier for me.
  6. After that, wiggle it in place and push the panel into place by using the 6 pins. After that, install the 3 push pins on the front, and install the firewall to hood seal. Dont forget to tighten up the exterior trim bolt.20161202_19393020161202_193935
  7. Dont forget the wiper arms! And the hood!20161202_203808
  8. Tada!                             20161203_16011220161203_160047

Disclaimer: Madd Motorsports or Carbon Driven are not responsible for any injuries, any damage whatsoever, or for incorrect installation. This is a guide meant to help, it is in no way guaranteed.

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