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Post your fall/winter project

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I'll start:


1. I'm going to be installing this exhaust under my truck:


Image result for mbrp side exhaust instructions



2. I will be taking steps towards completing the interior installation, brake system and suspension in Project Unicorn


The fun continues


3. Tuning and making a few modest upgrades to my wife's S197


Cats be off


4. Building a cabinet and tiling a counter top in my laundry room:



5. Painting my living room and dining room walls a light grey and the built-in stuff white to match the trim:







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technically this is fall already so i can include the new oil fed boiler heater i'm getting put in next week along with a new water heater for the house.  hopefully can get back to the basement garage to finish the ceiling.  


mustang will be getting a stereo install and who knows what else.  probably some other interior little things


truck probably won't get much of anything.  



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found this a couple of years ago.  Its a polished nickel plated heat sink to one huge/expensive old school limited edition amp the Phoenix Gold Ms1000.  It fell into my lap in an audio forum for only $100 because he had it up on a shelf for 15 yrs and wanted to see someone do something with it.


After that I found two of these, PG MS2250's one serial number 666 :)


I replaced the capacitors as they are known to explode after 20 yrs as well as some resistors for higher power and finally replaced all the wires/cables inside.


Ironically enough as pretty as the heat sink is it was really designed to be mounted upside down and show off the gold boards through a piece of plexiglass.  I knew a guy making custom plexies for pg amps and was lucky enough to find out he needed the heat sink I took one of the amps out of so we traded.  The faint symbols/lettering you see is the circuit board layout that will light up with some leds I am putting inside.


I had some problems getting the end caps where the wires go through but they are finally on their way now.  Its close now after sitting like this since june.




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