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Brake Swap questions

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So what I am curious is. What brake sets are straight swaps for sn95 cobras. As far as no modifying to get the calipers to fit/work.


I believe the 2000 Cobra R calipers are correct? 


What about GT500 or the new GT PP brembos?


If one were to get 00R calipers. Could one also upgrade to larger rotors as well? like 14'' vs the 13? 


Or would that not work because the caliper is not designed for it so therefor not deep enough? 



Pardon the newby questions here.

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If you went with the 00 R calipers, you have to use the 13" rotors. If you want to go 14", you have a few options.


This was recently released by FTBR [like this week] and uses Wilwood calipers.






Cost right around $1400


The Fully Torqued Racing kits, with the exception of the original S197 GT caliper/GT500 rotor kit, use a rotor spacer to achieve proper alignment. This will push the wheels about 1/2" and is perfect for S197 offset wheels OR if you want a wider front track. Both kits fit most Mustang replica wheels but I was inquire with FTR, they have a will/wont list. 


You can also PM me too see what I have sitting on the shelf that you may be interested in.



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52 minutes ago, Evilcw311 said:

Good luck getting a response out of ftbr. I’ve tried getting ahold of him repeatedly through both forums and his site and he refuses to respond if your not one of his personal buddies. 


Horrible way to run a business, ignoring customers who are trying to ask questions so they can buy stuff from you. 


You sure? FTR is widely known for bad customer service. FTBR is very responsive to emails, phone calls and such.

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just get a set of 00R brakes and call it a day.  direct bolt in, rotors are cheap, pads are plentiful and cheap as well.  more than you'll ever need for your car more than likely. 

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