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96 cobra killing catalytic converters

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Anyone else have issues with their 96-98 cobra killing cats? Bought the car several months ago. Came with an off road pipe and mil eliminators, but the check engine light was on. Ended up putting a upr xpipe with hi flow cats on. After a few weeks, a cat started rattling. UPR was cool about it and sent me a new cat and credited me money to have it put on. Couple of days later, the other one went. Same deal except this time I had to pay for it to be cut off and welded back. Now a month later the rattle is back.

I drive this car on nice days so it gets very few miles. Maybe 150 to 200 miles per month.

Runs great, but at a loss for this issue. UPR just crappy or something else wrong?

BTW, car just turned 70k miles.

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43 minutes ago, Prokiller said:

take it out for a decent trip and give it the business a little bit.  get that exhaust nice and hot and see what it does.


Are you saying to get the car hot to see if it goes away?


It seems like every time it's started rattling was after a longer drive. Then the next time I drive it, it is worse.

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