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Idiot's Guide to Changing Oil on Modular

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DISCLAIMER: I do not take responsibility for your actions if you make an error. This is meant as a guideline not an end all meets all way to do things.

Parts you need:

5-7 Quarts of Mobil 1 5w-20 Synthetic

1 K&N HP-2010 Oil Filter

1 3/8" Ratchet w/ 16mm socket

1 1" wrench (I use the crows foot wrench since it's easier)


1.) Start off by putting jack stands under the car. I use the a-arms since it's the easiest point of access. Leave jack under one side for extra reassurance.


2.) Locate Oil Drain Plug and place oil catch can or pan underneath to catch oil. Begin by using the ratchet and 16mm socket and remove in a counter-clockwise direction. The oil will start coming out after a couple of turns, MAKE SURE TO CATCH THE PLUG so you don't have to go digging in hot oil or have to pour out a canister if you're unlucky and it makes it in the catch can's opening.


3.) Once the plug is out, if you did everything right this is what you should see.


4.) Next up is the Oil Filter. Every oil filter I've done has been able to be removed by hand, if it's too tight to remove by hand, grab yourself an oil filter ratcheting removal tool from vatozone. Just like the drain plug. GO IN A COUNTER CLOCKWISE DIRECTION.


5.) Now that the oil filter is out, use some of the old oil and lubricate the NEW oil filter's runner seal with it. also clean off the oil filter adapters threads as well as mating surface for a good seal. Also you can opt to prefill the filter so you have oil pressure immediately but it does tend to get messy so I skip this step.


6.) Now install the new oil filter, after first contact with the mating surface go 3/4-1 full turn in a CLOCK WISE rotation. If you cannot do it by hand use the 1" wrench to get it on. At this point you should also put the oil drain plug back in, clean off the drain plug threads, and clean off the mating surface of the oil pan, and install also in a CLOCK WISE rotation.


7.) Now lower the car down so it sits at an even level. The look for the cap under the hood that says "710" or "OIL" depending on how you look at it. take this off and put 5 quarts of Mobil 1 5w-20 in. Wait about 1-2 minutes then fire the car up for about 30 seconds and shut down (allows oil to circulate and fill into the filter). Then wait about 5 minutes, (while you wait it may be a good time to check for leaks), for all the oil to drain to the bottom of the pan, check oil level. Depending on the year modular you have,96-98/01-04 have a dipstick that recommends more oil than 99-00. 99-00 is on average a 5-5.5 quart fill. all other years are 6+ quarts. You cannot really hurt the engine by adding more, a full pan will take 9 quarts obviously stay below that at the most I'd put 7 quarts in. Moving on, put the oil/710 cap back on and you're good to go along your anemically powered modular merry way.

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