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sn95 shinoda boss 429

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The BOSS Mustang is the ultimate boulevard cruising machine that can hold its own on the drag strip. This idea was the brain child of SVT chief engineer, John Coletti, and his team, who sought to mix old with new. They achieved this by dropping a BOSS 429 engine into the body of a 1994 SVT Mustang Cobra.

The car made 855 horsepower, 790 lb.-ft., and it ran 0-60 in 1.9 seconds, 0-100 in 5.5 seconds, and the quarter-mile in 10.55 seconds @ 135.05 mph.

  • More photos from the Mustang 40th Anniversary Celebration
    Boss.jpg[TABLE=width: 100%]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]augusta-124_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]augusta-087_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]augusta-085_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]augusta-081_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]augusta-089_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]augusta-090_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]augusta-080_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]boss3_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]boss8_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]boss10_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]boss4_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]boss9_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]boss2_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]boss6_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]boss7_small.jpg[/TD]
    [TD=width: 25%, align: center]boss5_small.jpg[/TD]

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