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The Golden Rules



-First violation will be your post edited/deleted, a warning and a pm explaining your violation.

-Second violation will come with your post being edited/deleted, infraction given, and a pm.

-Third violation will result in post edited/deleted, infraction and a minimum of one week ban, based on level of violation.


1. Keep posts on topic. Don’t post just to get your count up, your posts will get deleted. Keep tech threads focused on tech threads. See rule #4 for more detail. If you have a question regarding something in someone’s sig, take it to pm’s


2. Keep flaming and call outs in the Royal Rumble. Any flaming, blatant disrespect, or obvious trolling not happening in the ring, will result in an infraction or instant temporary vacation.


3. False information given in threads should be corrected in a respective and constructive way. Not everyone has spent their life slaving over a broken car. Cut them some slack.


4. Each thread should touch on one topic. If a new question should develop in an unrelated section, start a new thread. We don’t pay per new thread so use this to your advantage.


5. Post pornography, graphic images, anything that could see as being offense in the 18++ section. We have that section for things just like this. Please respect the fact that some members could get fired from work if NWS images come up on their computers.


6. Don’t talk about illegal things on the forum. Don’t talk about how you smoked this much pot or beat up some guy who called your car dumb. If you do that is your choice, however, discussing it on the forum is prohibited and the administration doesn’t want to see.


7. Posting false tech is strictly prohibited, if you mistake something once or twice, we understand, it happens, but if you are continually posting false information, action will be taken.


8. Staff has and will edit or delete any post in violation with these rules. If a post is deleted, don’t repost it because there is a reason why it was deleted. You will receive an explanation of why it was deleted and if you are in violation of the rules.


9. Don’t argue with staff over deleted posts. If you do not approve of the action of a moderator or admin, please take your problem up privately and do not make it public. Open bashing of administrations actions will result in a 14 day ban. If you don’t like how we run things, don’t be here.


10. Don’t spam a competitor website or non-vendors on the site.


11. Keep drama from other sites on the other sites. Everyone here is given the same opportunity when they arrive. If you don’t want to see their posts, ignore them and move along. We have a function for that.


12. Racial slurs are prohibited. End thread.


13. One SN95Source user name per member. We can IP track you and figure it out. If you get banned, enjoy your vacation and we’ll see you shortly.


14. Only post one thread per topic or question.


15. Admin reserve the right to make changes to these rules at any given time.



Thank you and enjoy your stay!!

-SN95Source Staff

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