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Hey everyone,

I'm currently doing research on what needs to be done on my 1996 Cobra engine and drivetrain before i put the KB on it. I thought to myself what a better way to learn then to post on a forum so here I am. so any type of suggestions or good facts would help out a lot. thanks i look forward to some answers.

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You can buy the kb 1.6 or 1.7 for the b-headed cobra. Get a stryker 340 pump. You can use an lmaf OR use a more accurate ba2800 tonsil maf. Port the heads and manifold for the blower. Even if its a casting and bowl clean up. You'll get some extra oomph out of it. You should be around 400. With kb and heat id recommend a minute water/meth injection. Even if its a mr. Freeze system from anderson motorsports.

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im wanting 550 hp to the wheels honestly for a starter.

You'll never make that with a Kenne Bell on a B-head 96-98 cobra. 350-400rwhp is ballpark normal number for that combo.

Besides that, your stock internals with take a dump at 450rwhp, so you'd have to add forged rods/pistons too.

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