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1996 Cobra Build

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So I bought my cobra off a guy on craigslist for $6,400.00. It's now my new project car that is going to be a day to day but eventually tear up the track.

So far the mods already on the cobra when i bought it was:

  1. Tokico Suspension
  2. Short throw shifter
  3. JLT intake w/ 62mm twin port T-body
  4. pypes X pipes and slp loudmouth 1 muffers, no cats
  5. Comp cams XE-R supercharged/nitro stage III
  6. BeeHive valve springs
  7. adjustable cam gears
  8. forged valve retainer.

That is so far what's been done sense before i had the car and i did the cams and head internals when i recently got the car.

My plans to have finished 12 months from now are:

  • Kenne Bell 2.1L 6-14 psi kit w/AC and boost-a-pump and boost-a-spark and high speed fan kit.
  • MMR Street Mod 1000 4.6 Rotating assembly with 17cc dished pistons
  • Tremec 56, 6 speed (terminator) Transmission
  • MMR RBT 1000 Clutch
  • and tons of suspension parts that i havent looked into yet.

so far this is what i have and i'm all ears for people who have already built up their cobras so any good ideas is needed.

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