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What does a guy like me need to run E85??

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I've been pondering the thought of running e85 in the cobra. What do i need to do this? I hear i need 30% more fuel, so bigger injectors? i have 60lber's now; making 600 at the wheel. also have a BAP and BAS with the lethal performance pump upgrade kit.

bueller... bueller?

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isn't 600 enough? Jesus lol.

I wouldn't waste my time personally going to e85 at that power level IMO, but if you were to do it, you'd need at least 80lb injectors, a triple pump setup (kurgan has the best), upgrade the fpdm wiring and a new tune.

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thanks brett.

i wasnt sure if i needed a new pumps and whathaveyou. i probably wont do it, i was just wondering.

yeah you'll probably have to go with a new triple hat with 3 pumps to produce the amount of volume you'll need.

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There's a guy on another forum I'm on with a turbo, a little more power than you have but not much. He swapped to E85 and loves it. He says it runs stronger, and it's more consistent. Unfortunately I don't know much about doing the swap, because they don't even sell E85 out here.


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