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Ok, so i have the old RAI JLT intake. I did alot fo research on buying the RAI instead of true cold air. First i live in Florida, and puddles are big here. Second most of the faster N/A cars were equipped with jlt's RAI. Browsing for a friend i just discovered they have a new design [see picture]


to upgrade from my old jlt it that will charge 149 free shipping for the following

•JLT plastic intake tube

•Silicone Reducer at MAF

•ABS Heat Shield

•HD Clamps & all needed hardware

which will use some of your existing hardware form your old JLT. Or it could be bought new with everything complete for 229.99 plus shipping

The heatshield itself looks very useful in keeping hot air temps out compared to the old jlt heatshield. Also the pipe is fitted to the spaced provided(and still 4" diameter) between the oil filler and inner fender. Discuss if you think it's worth upgrading.

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the older one has fitment issues it broke my oil filler tube. had to re seal it. the only can i can see would be from IAT temps the heat shield on the older model is as so


although i really like this new rai the IAT power difference would be so minimal i guess.

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