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mac exhaust

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i'm having a hard time getting my mac catback to line up right.. it's either too close to the frame rail or control arm. and if it isn't one of those it's vibrating against my lines!

and i'm forced to run it dumped over the axle because once they are on the actual hangers and not hitting the control arm, the tail-pipe on the passenger side is touching the gas tank

it's the newer MAC style with more parts. i think it's 4 each side? (flow tube, muffler/over axle, tail pipe, tip)

i need a pic of how some of you have yours lined up.

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I had a Mac catback on my car for awhile. The passenger side I could never get far enough away from the tank cover. At least when the pipes were high enough to not drag on everything. So my tank cover has a nice melted area from the pipes. I've learned Mac's will never fit 100%. And this was on an IRS car.

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