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How To Make An Animated GIF In Photoshop

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How To Make An Animated GIF In Photoshop:

Here's a basic how to on making fading/slideshow style animations in photoshop.

You can use as many pictures as you want for this, and you can play around with the settings to get the fade effect you desire.

Make sure to upload it to a file-hosting website that accepts large file sizes because GIF's are relatively large in file size.

Anyways, onto the tutorial:

1. Open up photoshop.

2. Find the 2 (or more) photos you'd like to use.


3. Open both of the pictures in photoshop.

4. Select one of the photos and click CTRL+A and then CTRL+C. (Select all + copy).

5. Go to the other image and paste it as a new layer.


6. Then make sure animations is selected under window.


7. Now go ahead and click duplicate seleced frames 10x in the animations box.



8. Click the second frame in the animations and go to your layers.

9. Change the opacity on the uppermost layer and set it to 90%.


10. Go to the next frame and lower the opacity by 10% again.

Repeat this step for each frame until you hit 0% opacity.

11. Create 10 more frames and repeat the process vise-versa.

Start at opacity 0% and add 10% every layer until you hit 100%.


12. Go to the animations bar and change the duration to your liking.

Normally, the first and middle frames (the ones set at 0% and 100% opacity) should last the longest.


Every frame between that should be set at .01 seconds.


13. Go to file, save for web & devices, and save the image as a GIF.

14. Enjoy your newly made GIF. You can now upload it to tinypic, photobucket, etc.


** photocredits go to silverstang23 at photoforum.com **

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