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How To Change Your Wheels In Photoshop

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How To Change Your Wheels In Photoshop

Many of us have thoughts of getting new rims for our cars but we don't always know what they'll look like.

This how-to will basically cover what you need to do in order to make a render of new wheels/tires for your ride.

The most important step in order to make a good wheel render is to take some sort of side picture of your car to use as a starting point.



For this example I will be photoshopping some golden BBS LMs.


1. Find a side profile picture of the rim you want to see on your car.


2. Open up the side profile picture of your car in photoshop.

3. Paste the image with the new wheels as a new layer over your original image.

4. Select the elliptical marquee tool and set feather to 4px.

5. Hold down shift and select the rim and part of the tire. (You can let go and move the selected area around to your liking)


6. Hit CTRL+J to duplicate the layer.

7. Go back to the layer with the new wheels and repeat the above steps for the other wheel.

8. Once that layer is duplicated as well, go ahead and delete the layer with the wheels you want photoshopped.


9. Now select one of the new wheel layers and select edit > free transform.

10. Make the rim bigger or smaller in order to fit it over your original wheel.

11. Repeat this step with the other wheel.

12.Save your file and upload it online for everyone on the forums to see. Voila!


Or for that extra race touch, add a slick!


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Sweet do me a fav then cause, let's get to the meat of the potato, I'm drunk, and in my iphone, I'm as useless in photoshop as my wife is on the rag to me now.. Lol

Hook this pic up satin black, with gloss black 18" saleens, and also keep but gloss black with the gloss black saleens...

Oh and please btw..


Sent from my iPhone

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Oh sweet, didn't even know I had my phone last night! Lol.. I think what I was trying to say was two renderings, one car is satin black with the gloss black saleens, and the next one the car and wheels both gloss black.. Lol sorry, liquid courage is a mother******!!

Sent from my iPhone

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