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replacing my coolant tank..just a little help pweeeez.

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so the moroso tank has no spot for this little sensor that appears to have a plunger inside connected to it. is that just strictly for the warning light to come on when the level gets low?

also, can i just install the new tank and hoses, then fill her back up with coolant and be good to go?

TIA fellas :) reps to any help or info

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Yes, its just a low level sensor, you don't need it.

I have a Moroso coolant expansion tank and the sensor just hangs next to it plugged into nothing and I never have any issues. Obviously you just need to make sure you don't have a leak since the sensor won't tell you when its low.

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reps fellas :) thanks.

i got it in pretty easy really, lol. let it run for a pretty long time. drove it up & down the street a few times. all good. i dont like the steel braided hoses so much though :(

looks yellowish. some look like that and some dont. i've seen some that look great. like dans look nice, mine are yellowish for some reason??

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