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First track day(with video)

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As the title states, today I had my first track day at Eagle's Canyon Raceway in Decatur, Texas. It was hosted by Ricekillers, and it was FREE. It was supposed to be a follow/lead type deal, but they always let people onto the track too spaced out, so I got to run 100% the whole time. WHAT. A. BLAST. The first run was pretty terrifying, as the track has a lot of elevation changes and blind crests with turns afterwards... But, by the second session I was fairly confident. I'm running Bilstein shocks/springs with 400/275 coil-over springs, and the car did great. The tires pretty much sucked, but that's beside the point. I ran 3 20+min sessions and never had a clutch/cooling/engine issue out of my 150k+ mile car. Brakes did get pretty toasted though.. I'm definitely going to have to invest in some better pads. My O'Reilly specials didn't do too well for long haha.

Here's a crappy video.. looks really slow, but it actually wasn't. Got to hit 100mph down the straights.


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Awesome. Bet you're hooked now.

Best advice for brakes is take an extra set of front pads with you. You'll find out they are an item you'll eat up a LOT, and they are easy enough to change out quick with a jack and some hand tools. There are several pretty good street/track type pads out there. Personally, I like the Hawk HPS.

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Yep, i'm definitely hooked, and I can't beat a free track day per month. As far as pads go, i'm think i'm going to get a separate set of track pads since they're so easy to switch. These $30-40 specials had major fade after about 5-10min.

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prolly free cause that track looked beat up as all hell lol

but either way it looked like fun... thumbs up

Nah, it was actually pretty good, my car's just stifffffffff. They're doing it once a month through Ricekillers to spread word about road racing and the track.

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