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Mothers carnuba wash/wax also 99-04 rims on s197

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So switched my soap of choice and it was great. Filled finer sratches better than my last choices [iCE, TURTLE WAX]

Also got tired of the big rims and small amount of tire so i decided to put on my 99-04 bullits from my black car. The fronts look pretty ok, but the back stick out a bit too much lol. I'd say it only looks bad from the front angle of the car, from the back you can tell something is off but not that noticeable.




Bonus shots




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yea brian way too small. I was planning on leaving them on there till i sell the big rims and then buy the 18 inch AMR wheels they are 17x8 01 gt stockers and american muscle reps 17x10.5 in back. backspacing on back is 6.5 so it sticks waaaay out lol

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