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"Meet & Eat" hosted by PRPMotorsports & SN95Source.com (Hampton Roads / 757)

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When I say PRP Motorsports I am talking about the members living in Eastern Va, but all are welcome if you are in the area.

So once the weather warms up e all want to gt together and go hang at Jenro's for a couple of hours and talk some crap and look at some cool rides. After word we can all cruise over to Kats house (2 miles) or Chris's house (5 miles) and throw down some burgers and brats on the grill and continue to talk crap and bullshit in general. I am always game, especially if Brats are involved which they will be.

So I figure the first week of April or so, depending on the weather and everyone's availability. Maybe we can make it a monthly thing.

Brian will have to figure out what weekend he is off so he and Elizabeth can make it out.

So what does everyone think about this/


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You know we will attend! I'll definitely coordinate about time off.

We can also have one of them at our place if need be after we get the fence extended out. We will have a decent sized back yard. Just need to get a grille and some outdoor furniture. The drive is a bit longer though.

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