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Alright guys, I have a 3550 in my garage that needs rebuilt. I've done a shit ton of reading on it, and I'm not finding exactly what I need, so help me. Are the 3550 internals and the TKO internals the same, or just the case? Also, all I'm seeing on D&D's website is individual pieces. I'm looking for the whole kit. Some help from any of y'all would be greatly appreciated!

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There are four iterations of that transmission. The originals were the 3550 and the TKO. There are only 3 parts different on these two transmissions. The 3550 has a 10 spline input shaft and a 28 spline input shaft. The TKO has the exact same internals with a 26 spline input and a 31 spline output, with a different tail housing to fit the bigger output shaft. If you put a 31 spline shaft in a 3550, you can bore the 3550 housing to make it fit, you don't have to buy the TKO tail housing. The later TKO-500/ TKO-600 is the same design with harder gears in it. The 500 is for stock replacement 10spline/28 spline, and the 600 is the 26spline/31spline combo. They generally do not sell rebuild kits for this transmission. You have to buy the parts individually, and they are expensive. I paid $320 for one gear set before. Also try calling Hanlon motorsports. They have good ways to save money on a rebuild. For instance, they can match your slider up and sell you just the slider instead of selling you the whole hub the way Tremec does it.


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