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Leaking fluids... all of zem.

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I'm having trouble tracking down all of my leaks on this stupid car. First off, I'm leaking brake fluid to the point where i'm draining the MC reservoir about once a month. This all started after my first track day. I have rings of fluid on three of my fender wells, but I don't see why I would suddenly get leaks from driving it hard. Now it's leaking steadily even under regular driving. I would assume that this would be either from my copper crush washers or brake lines, but I don't see why the copper crush washers would suddenly go bad for no reason...

Thennnn there's motor oil. I've gone through almost 2 quarts of oil in the last 2600 miles. My valve covers aren't leaking, I can't see that i'm smoking at all, and there doesn't seem to be a huge leak from the recently changed rear main seal. I do have a leak around the oil pan, but I don't see how it could be leaking that much fluid.

Power steering fluid. I've always had a relatively small leak through the fitting on the side of the power steering pump, but the amount of fluid i've lost in the last month or less is a lot more than that. I checked it today and I couldn't even see any fluid in the neck of the pump reservoir. Unless it's leaking into my tie rod boots I have no idea where it's going, that is of course unless it's dumping out of the fitting on the pump.

Axle seals seem to be leaking because one rear fenderwell is wet but the calipers are perfectly dry. No diagnosis needed here lol.

Coolant is slowly disappearing, I'm thinking it's the WP :mad:

Car has 150k+ on it by the way.

/Rant over.

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I just hate how they went from being very close to nothing to being at the point where I have to constantly check them :(

Since I bought the '98, I've bought rims/tires, CC plates, s281 spoiler, Coilovers, struts and a short throw shifter, all with money made from selling/trading car parts I had. The only time I can convince the wife to spend money on the car is when it breaks. when something breaks I upgrade. lol

Sent from my secretary!!!

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