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So I can't decide to rebuild the T-45 or go with a stalled/shifted 4R75w...

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Mods are in the sig, fuel system and power adder are planned for next winter while I get whatever trans I am doing in/sorted this year. My T-45 still lets me drive the car but is notchy and grinds 2nd and 3rd if I try to power shift. Thinking bent forks or who knows what. Right now in my garage I have a 16k original mile 4r75w, a PI Stallion triple disc lockup converter...

Anyone here gone from manual to stalled auto or stalled auto to manual and regretted it, liked it etc? I was originally convinced to go auto in a ride in a 400whp automatic modded vette with I think a 2800rpm stall and it was nuts in a straight line but that's not all there is even though the torque multiplication and getting pressed back into the seat in that vette was crazy...

I hate cars, they cost too much money and mental anguish lol.

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