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PI Swap info (will update as i go)

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Alrighty, so i've been doing a lot of online research, and some question asking amongst 2V guys i know. I'm always very budget minded when it comes to what i do to the car... not because i'm cheap, but because my budget is limited, so if i can find a way to do it cheaply, but properly, then i will most definitely spread the info i've learned along the way. I have PI heads and cams, and would like to install them asap(once i finish having them ported) So i started asking questions and doing google searches and looking at different forums. I found a list of parts that are recommended for the swap, but to me it was WAYYYYYY overkill and very pricey. So below is a basic parts list of the things i will need for this swap, or so i believe. mind you, the car has only 12,000 miles since the timing chains were changed(previous owner took good care of it, and supplied me with reciepts) so that is something i wont be messing with, and also saving about $300 in the process. i'm also working on cross referencing the FORD part numbers to companies like FEL-PRO and ARP, ect... so as i get that info, i will update this thread. I'm also looking for package deals to save money, like i found below with the head install kit from Summitracing.com. please feel free to add anything to this post or correct me if i'm wrong, or even PM me with answers/questions, i'm not above learning from anyone. I'm new to this modular world, but plan to give it my best...

Summitracing.com- PN- M-6067-D46 includes Left/Right head gaskets, Left/Right exhaust gasket and 20 Head bolts for $115.97

Intake gasket. i got a price from advanced auto, for $32.99/set and they are FEL-Pro gasket PN- MS-92121

Now the last 2 items I'm told i will definitely need are the coolant tube and nipple. Ford PN for the tube is XR3Z-18B402-AA and the nipple PN is F75Z-8555-AA.. I found them on FordPartsGiant.com, the hose is $31.10, and the nipple is $8.67.

I heard if i get the aluminum crossover PI intake, I can use my current Alternator bracket.

Timing cover gasket, i'm told is hit or miss. it MIGHT need replaced, it might be reusable, however this is the info i found... PN F1AZ-6020-A on FordPartsGiant.com is $7.21 there is another PN listed with a "c" in place of the "a". I'm unsure the difference (help) but that part number from Fordpartsgiant.com is $6.82.

I think I'm off to a good start, so if there is any advice or any comments, or parts I'm missing, lemme know

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