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Summit throttle body

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I've had good luck with the BBK - no experience with the summit TBs.

quick google search brought up a thread on the corral that says everyone is fine with them:


my advice: go for it! let us know how it works out for ya!

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As long as you are ok with putting a Chinese part on an American car made on the oldest auto assembly line in the world, they are ok.


most of the racecar ford engines aren't really even a ford anymore:

example: scat crank, dart block, probe rods, mahle pistons, melling oil pump, msd distributer, arp distributer shaft, trickflow pushrods, edelbrock intake, AFR heads, RAM clutch and flywheel, felpro gaskets, etc... nothing says ford on it. maybe the lifters, but they are typically from some supplier even if ford sells them. just making a point here.

aside from all that - IF i can buy american, I absolutely do that. i'm not into supporting other countries when ours could use the help!

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