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A couple of things i learned tonight

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So I went over to load up the rest of the Mark VIII stuff to take to the transfer station to throw away tomorrow. So then I decided to tinker with the Teksid engine for a little bit.

First thing I learned is that the head on the Harbor Freight bore scope camera is just a hair too large to fit into a 5/8" spark plug hole.

Second the way the spark plug holes are cut into the 4V heads on a 93 Mark VIII you can get get a compression tester to screw directly into the head, the threads are not cut all of the way to the top of the spark plug hole. So I thought maybe I could use a spark plug non -fouler to adapt it in. I ran into the same problem with the non fouler, I had to grind about 1/2"off the top of the non fouler to get the compression tester to be able to screw in to it.

So now that I have all of that worked out tomorrow after I go to the transfer station I can take a battery and remote starter over and do a compression check on the Teksid


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