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Meanstreet Mustangs, Join Up!!

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Hey guys and gals. Here to promote our fairly new group/club Meanstreet Mustangs (formerly Most Wanted Stangs) and get it up and growing. We are still a fairly new and small group, but we want that to change. We are originally based out of the Gastonia/Dallas NC area but I would love to see it go viral and nationwide as some other Mustang groups have. ALL YEAR MUSTANGS ARE WELCOME IN THE GROUP AND IN OUR SHOWS/CRUISES!! Feel free to join, post up a picture of your ride.



Also, to those of you who use instagram, if you happen to post a picture of your car, make sure you use the hashtag ‪#‎meanstreetmustangs‬so we can get our name out there, the more the better!! If you want to feel free to follow me on instagram at @goatee_gt98.

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if only i was closer, and my car had an engine, trans, front suspension, wheels and tire, and all that other important stuff for a cruise :)

Hey no problem brother, join up anyway. Just shoot the bull, that's what its all about man. Awesome car btw.

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