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Terminator vs GT500 Shootout @ MIR

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We are just about 5 weeks away from the 1st race and there has some record breaking runs out there already and some of those plan on being at the race! So wanted to get some info out there for everyone. 


First things first....As most know we do plenty of awards for the shootout including cash to the quickest 8 cars in the field. We also give out 10 plaques for various things like "best engine" or "quickest eaton powered" and a plaque to each of the cars with an average ET in the 9, 10, 11 and 12 second range. For MIR, and possibly BG I would also like to announce I have gotten some great "prize packs" from various supporting vendors / sites that we all know and all support. I'm still working on everything but here are the companies that have committed to me and their donations. 


JLT Performance - Prize packs 

Cobra Engineering - TBD 

SVTP - prize packs 

ModularFords - TBD 

Kenne Bell - $100 for each of the quickest KB equipped cars! 


Some of these vendors / sites will be on site at the event to give these away. We will determine a raffle or giveaway for the rest. MIR is an excellent centrally located facility and if you have even a THOUGHT of coming to race with us just do it!!! 


Lastly....Tshirts! I have taken some time to do t-shirts for this years race. Its been talked about in the past but we just never did it. I came up with a few myself with my minimal photshop skills but the final product is form Jeff Salvato. I just finalized the design with Salvato Designs (a few have seen it already) but need some kind of "count" to place the order. So if people can let me know quantity and size please. I do not have a price yet but trying to keep it @ $20 which is why its only 2 colors. 



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Less than 3 weeks to go!


Also....the NMRA will be hosting a "Stick Shift Shootout" for people that enter banging gears in the Terminator vs GT500 Shootout. The 2 fastest cars on saturdays qualifying will race head to head. The winner gets a $750 certificate from McLeod Clutches!!! lets go 6 speed cars!!!

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