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Aode transmission acting up kinda worried

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So sunday I was driving and was screwing off and turned my over drive off. well I came to a stop and did a hard pull and it shifted fine I let off and let it down shift and went to punch it again and it wouldn't shift at all rpm's through the roof so i let off turned over drive back on and then it shifted fine. I pulled back into my drive way and noticed a burning clutch smell. So I checked the trans fluid its perfect i also felt the trans it was on fire. So i let it cool off then took it for another ride the problem didntn't re accure I drove it all day monday and it was fine today it seems to.be slipping from secound to third should I worry any thoughts would be much appreciated thank you

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I'd drop the pan and check the bottom of the pan for clutch material and the filter. Sounds like it overheated. Which means you should make sure the cooling lines and cooler aren't clogged.

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