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Official Open Track/HPDE Racing Videos Thread

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I've seen them but for those who only are active on this forum we would love to have them posted here. I was hoping you'd find your way into this thread (and a few others that are related).

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as you wish! I love sharing my videos :thumbsup:

SNIVE at Summit Point: Shenandoah (surprise ending... kind of)

GT500 at Summit Point: Main

The following videos are from the first few track days I ever did and watching them now isn't easy.... but you got to start somewhere

SNIVE at NJMP: Thunderbolt

SNIVE at Monticello (smog pump seizes at the end)

GT500 at NJMP: Thunderbolt

A shit video of me running an Auto-X course is a Ford GT.

And just for fun, A ride that I got in a Saleen S7 at the same Auto-X event.

That's pretty much it... couple other videos on my youtube channel. If you feel like watching them search "Feason87"

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I remember watching that video of your steering wheel come off. Damn that had to of sucked & been pretty scary. I know my direction will be a little bit different. I'm trying to stay full interior, ac, etc but that might change if I get into it and feel like I'm progressing. Not sure if you've seen my lack of build thread but I list out my suspension upgrades I'll be going with.

Hoping you throw your build thread up here so people can gain interest!!

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I will definitely check out your build thread. I could throw up my build, but the car is "finished" now and won't be getting any further mods, due to a tweaked frame. Not sure if it's worth posting a thread about how the car got from where it was to where it is. Oh and FYI I'm sure your suspension will be better then mine haha this car only handles well because of the weight and the tires, the suspension doesn't have to much done to it. Good luck with everything, once you take a hit of the "road course crack pipe" you're hooked for life lol

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