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Have access to a 98 explorer with the 5.0 and I can pretty much have the intake and heads. My question is, since I am already going to be there, I would like to know what cam people have used in the past with the GT40 heads and explorer intake. It's a 94 GT convertible with an auto. If I have to change the touqure convert I will. The car has a ton of pull on the high end, but it's a dog off the line. So I was hoping a cam, head, intake and re-gear would get it going a little better. Thanks for any info. I will of course run headers and an "H" pipe to and get rid of the EGR and MSD the ingnition.

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Cool, I just want to make sure it's still streetable as I hate to say it, but I have to let my wife driver it if need be. So the B303 or the E303 i can run with the stock explorer heads, or do I need to change the push rods, and springs. Thanks.

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