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Homestead-Miami Speedway

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Well, ever since I arrived to Tampa, I can never find dates to go to Homestead. Also, it is too far of a drive. Now, I would love to show up with you but I am in Afghanistan. Please take pics and videos as I am interested.

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You will be in tampa those days? or you live in tampa and will be down here those days?

if youre going to be in tampa... its not worth the drive. its about 5-6 hours to homestead from tampa so thats kinda far to just go to a track night.... also, it rains here allllll the time in the fall so we will most likely be rained out :(

check out homestead miami speedways calendar. im pretty sure test n tune is close for the next month anyway becuase they are doing road course stuff instead...

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Well I am actually into road races instead of drag. But 5-6 hrs is pretty far and would suck if something breaks down. No wonder there are so many illegal races in Tampa. Everything is far.

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