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Everyone please welcome 95StangLife to SN95Source.com.

95StangLife Please tell us about yourself and your car(s) and feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you for being part of the Source community!

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Hello from STL Glad to part of the group!! My stang is a 95 I got for high school graduation from my grandfather in 1995.. He being a Ford employee of 38 years went to the extent to find one with production date same as my B-date 4-13-79 production was 4/95.. The car has been one of the best project car's ever! 3.8 pushed to a 4.2, high performance oil and water pumps, 54mm throttle body,1944654666_Capture_2017-12-10-03-02-03.png.f9ddf11874f8dba03d093d22eb11f2c0.png 19lb injectors, 190lph fuel pump, BBK adjustable fuel regulator, 68psi at the rail check valve, fully ported polished, cold air intake, t5 stage two clutch, Ford racing piston's rods and valves, hooker headers No cats MIL eliminatiors  2.5 exhaust to Y pipe with a resonator dumping one side pipe on the left, full under drive pulley kit tossed the idle pulley N the trash! 245/45zr17 tires, dropped 1.25"  reprogramming for rpms no shut down. The rear axle is the only factory Problem left!! Working on a 8.8 for this spring! It has 163k original miles.. My pictures Exceed the limit.. I'll try post pictures on my home profile!! Again Thanks for the add!! I've been around and working on mustang for 30 years my first time behind the wheel of Any car was grandfathers 68 then his 72 been upsets with StangLife every since!!!!!!

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