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Post Your Skyrim Screen Shots

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I played the Skyrim when it came out. I really like that game. In fact, the ONLY games I really ever play are Elder Scrolls game because for the most part I think video games are lame.

Skryim is addictive as hell. I haven't turned the Xbox on in a long time, but my guy is something like level 73, Khajitt. I have full Daedric everything, with an cheated/glitched armor rating of over 10000. I can kill the big nasty dragons in one hit. The crappy thing is, the game is so glitched up now that I was basically forced to stop playing because it would freeze my Xbox about every two minutes. So damn frustrating.


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Yeah, I'm not much of a gamer. Or rather, I'm not a gamer at all. I don't even have my Xbox hooked to the internetz. I have too much shit to do to spend my life playing video games. Still, it's fun on occasion to smash things mindlessly in Skryim.

Now I kinda want to play it again...

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