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MGW INSTALL for 3650/t45 lots of pics!

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OK, so alot of you guys ask how hard is it to install these things and YES i know there is a how to section but moderators lets be real some of these members dont know how to change there own oil let alone browse this website :).

FYI im adding this video to the post for the sake of those who don't know how awesome these things are


Tools you will need: 1/4 drive and match 6" extension and 3/8 drive with a 8mm socket and a 14mm socket. Also RTV high temp sealent and the provided MGW allen key. Last but not least a 14mm wrench

Step 1: Put a tostinos pizza in the toaster oven for 12 minutes and grab your tools and take a seat in your drivers seat.

Take note I have owned a MWG for 4 years now and originally was told by the manual and everyone to use there shift stop.Now i discover MGW no longer recommends it. so a transmission fluid change was already scheduled so i decided to pour from the shifter while removing the stops.

Step 2 : First take off your shifter knob by turning counter-clockwise. Then, it is very easy to pull off the shifter bezel by simply tugging towards you then up slowly as to not break the clips.


Step 3 : what you should should see is you stock shifter assembly which would really not differ from what you see except i have a ver short stub compared to the stick still attached on yours


Step 4 : Now take you 1/4 drive and 8mm socket and start to remove the out 4 bolts on each corner of the heat/noise shield.


For the back bolts a smaller extension may be necessary my bolts have been loosened before that what she said so it was no biggy to not have full contact.


Step 5 : Carefully removing the shield should expose some insulation material throw that away you will not have room for it anymore i found a easier fix.

after removing that will epose you stock shifter which is the same shape and form as your new mgw


your half way there so take a break and enjoy your tostinos pizza because that process should have taken about 10-12 minutes depending how you like your crust :)


Step 6 : Ok we are back and business and we now have our 3/8 drive with 2" extension and 14mm socket. Remove the 4 bolts surrounding the shifter.

Take note that i used a 1/2 drive because i love torque and used it afterwards to love tap my shifter and knock it loose from the rtv of previous install. The stock shifter should come right off


Step 7 :pull your stock shifter off and CAREFULLY!!!! remove the plastic cap from the bottom side of it and place it on your new mgw shifter. Afterwards lets pick up your 14mm Wrench and MGW allan key.

For you T45 guys you want to follow the instructions and adjust the stops accordingly which once installed you will pull back on the shifter tighten the stops to the shifter stick and loosen 1 and a half turns i believe PLEASE consult your instructions as i only the the instructions from the 3650.

For you 3650 guys you want to go ahead and remove these by loosening the nut and unscrewing the bolt.


Step 8 : Now im sure you have used everything provided in your MGW bo except the little weird looking boot. If you like a quite transmission you will enjoy this net part

What you want to do is cut around the stock rubber boot provided with your heat shield enough to fit the mgw boot inside like so


should look like this.


Step 9 : Now i was in a rush at this point because i had changed my oil and flushed my transmission fluid so i forgot to take pictures of actually aplying the rtv and setting down the mgw shifter into place so i will explain reusing previous pictures.

First take your rtv and use the nozzle provided so you don't use too much.

Then lightly apply the rtv around the base of the transmission around the bolt holes of the shifter. apply around the outer wall of the transmission as to not spill inside the transmission. Then apply your new shifter getting that plastic cap in the correct setting before dropping the rest of the shifter base on the rtv. Use a light if necessary to line up the bolt holes then apply the 4 bolts MGW provided HAND TIGHTENING until they reach the base. Then use your 3/8 drive to finish tightening and please do not over tighten it will be a nightmare.


Step 10 : OK just take your new heat shield and place it over the shifter and take your time straightening it out before applying the heat shield bolts again with your 1/4 drive and 8mm socket.


ok now is decision making time how you want your shifter to look.

i am in no way bias to a certain look nor do i care if you spend 200 bucks and cnc shifter and never show it off alol you have to do is apply you shifter handle and use theMGW allan key like so :)


Now for the alternative. Take you shifter bezel and a sharp blade and carefully carve the boot hole a little bit larger as to fit over the base of the mgw shifter. You can now snap you bezel in place snuggling down your shifter boot to look good then apply your nice cnc handle and choice of shift knob with the provided MGW allan key


CONGRATULATIONS!! you are now done with MGW shifter and can now practice the two new motions for the shifter. UP and DOWN :). It will cketloosen up slightly but not too much just be a man when you grab your gears :).

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