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'03 v6 slight mis

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Its at idle and through out the rpm range

Checked the plug wires to see if they are on tight ..... are the after market coil packs good? Or are the ford ones the best?

Ill pull the plugs and check them ... what are the gaps suppose to be at?

The D3V

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53k ..... I'm thinking maf. ..... but gonna do the fuel tune up (actually gonna make her ass do it lol

Fuel filter

Air filter

oil filter


Plugs (might do these for her)

Injector cleaner

Top off coolant

Mad cleaning

The D3V

That's what I did when mine was missing and it fixed it right up

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In terms of ignition parts, motorcraft is the way to go, there really isn't anything to gain here on these engines.

Same goes for fuel filter. Go Motorcraft.

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