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Take a picture, then upload it to your storefront. After that, go to http://www.forzamotorsport.net, click My Forza, then view and share your pictures from there.

I've deleted pretty much all my pictures from the storefront. Only got three or 4. I'll have to see what's still on my hard drive. I usually save replays, when I'm online racing with my brother. We do a lot of side-by-side "oh shit" moments.

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On the screen where you can choose "Buy Car" etc there should be a "Take Photo" option. You will find it. Then follow what Rob just said after the photos are taken.

You can also pause a replay, and take a photo there, for "action" shots. Like this one:


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Good point. Forgot about that feature. I need to do some of those.

Maybe we can get some of a group of us together (that is if Josh and I can not play bumper cars lol)

Hahaha I'm down for that. Just remember, rubbin's racin'!!!!

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