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Stereo is almost there

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Went out of my way to be sure I had no plans for today and spent a good 5 hours rewiring the Mustang the way I wanted it

-Pulled out all seats, door panels, side panels and door sills

-Ran new 4 ga power wire direct from the alt to the trunk into a fused dist box so I can split it to supply power to my Infinity basslink and new Kenwood 4ch amp

-Ran new 14 ga speaker wires for my front Kappa components

-Ran 14 ga speaker wire to both rear kappas

-Ran new RCA's under carpet

Next step is to work on an amp rack for the Kenwood and get that in the car. Once that is in the only thing left to do will be to swap my Pioneer HU out for the new JVC Arsenal unit

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Keep in mind my car was a vert so there is no amp rack, my OEM mach amps were behind the rear seat

Amp rack already 1/2 built using 3/4" MDF, was debating over carpeting or just painting, routered the edged and put on a couple coats of semigloss black on and it's looking damn good so it may just stay like that

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