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How to make a non-mustang 8.8" rear fit?

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I made a new thread, because this is a new / different question.

If I can't find an 8.8" from a mustang then I might find one for a Aerostar, Ranger or Explorer at a junkyard somewere since they were sold over here, the SN95 mustangs were not.

Anyway; there was a write-up about it on 3.7mustang in the wiki, but it isn't working and if I am honest I don't really expect them to fix it since they don't really care much for it being a mustang site anymore.

Anyway, as the title says, how much does it take to make an 8.8" from e.g a ranger fix my mustang?

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I honestly don't think any of those will fit. The diff isn't center in the axle housing, like it is in the Mustangs. Find an 8.8" rear from a fox chassis, use the housing and diff from it, then use your axles/brakes/hardware from your 7.5 and be done.

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Any 8.8 other then a mustang based 8.8 will not fit... You would have so much time/energy and money in fabbing a truck or crown vic rear to fit the car with needed brackets and It would still be pointless because the overall length of the rear would sit the tires outside of the car...

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