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Stereo redo is finally done

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Finally got the last pieces done on the Mustangs stereo redo. Only pieces reused were my barely broken in Infinity Kappa speakers (6830CS 6x8" components in front and 63.9I 6.5" 3-ways in the rear) Infinity Basslink sub, Sirius Sportster dock and AUX jack in the ashtray area of the center console.

Ran new 4GA power wire from the alt back (was going to run 0 ga but honestly do not need it with the pieces I am using) to a fused dist box in the trunk so it splits to a 4ga feed for my new amp and 8 ga to my basslink

Next pulled out the seats and interior panels so I could run new 14 ga wire to all speakers and new RCA's down the middle of the car for front, rear and sub as well as turn on wire. Few people recommended duct tape to use to hold wires in place but ended up picking up a roll of Gorilla tape (cheap, easy to work with and black in color) and it worked perfectly.

New HU is a JVC Arsenal series KD-AHD79 (3 sets of 5v preamps, HD radio which I will likely never use, front USB with Ipod/Iphone control, front and rear AUX (necessary for my Sirius and existing AUX jack wiring) more color settings then I could ever need and a nice small keychain remote

Amplifier is a Kenwood KAC-8405, 720W peak power, 75Wx4 RMS and built in cooling fans. Built amp rack out of 3/4" MDF so that it mounts the amp in a way where it can get good airflow while not taking up too much trunk space. Was debating over carpeting it and enclosing the sides but once I rounded the sides using my router and gave it a couple coats of semi-gloss black paint I really like the way it turned out and think I will leave it this way so I still have easy access to the wires. I also routered 1/2" channels into the bottom of the wood so that running the wires under it is easy to do and does not leave them pinched.

On to the pics

Head unit and Sirius unit


With IPOD cable attached


Ipod touch in the glovebox. Got it for free from my daughter after she upgraded hers. This one has a broken home button which was beyond annoying to her but is great for me since I can control it from the HU and remote.


Amp with custom trim plate, was just plain black so I redid it in silver then added the pony I had leftover from an old GT grill


Infinity Basslink


New trunk view lit up with dual LED stips


Sound is pretty much exactly what I wanted, it is stupid loud but still crystal clear at any volume level with good low fill from the Basslink but no overpowering bass.

I really like the Ipod control more then I would have expected. The HU will charge it as well so I never have to touch it unless I want to change the songs on it.

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Very nice. I bet that system sounds good.

And what does the sirius unit do?

I have docks installed in my Explorer (plays using antenna adapter to OEM radio) on my garage workbench (uses RCA's to connect to my Onkyo stereo in there) and this on in my car which connects using aux jack

This way I can use the same Sirius unit on all three literally by just docking it

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